One thing that you learn in law enforcement pretty early is to never trust people.  Now we know that this is against what society teaches and the main reason as to why the LEO community has this “Us vs. Them” mentality. While it’s not the best way to live your life, have you wondered why so many do even long after retirement?  Let’s take a look at what is just the most recent incident that creates this barrier between civilian and LEO relationships.

Karl Wesner (LinkedIn member – ) a Marketing Consultant was recently photographed after cutting off several motorists giving the finger to officers in a funeral procession.  Officers mourning the loss of their brother gunned down execution style in an ambush.  

Had it not been for the motorist taking a picture, the LEO community would have never known.  His actions was of course done as a coward as he knew nobody would leave the procession and a concrete divider separated them.   Now imagine what an individual who’s alone in a car with nobody to impress risks causing a multi-vehicle accident so that he can flip off Police Officers would do if tasked with providing a review of a LEO friendly or owned Corporation.  Having access to the books and entrusted to provide honest reviews and recommendations to the very people he greatly hates.  

We at LESMA look to bridge these divides caused by the vocal minority of society and encourage the quiet majority to speak up and stand with our officers.  We work hard to expose those who go the extra mile to create havoc and reward those who stretch out to fill the gap between cops and civilians.  By offering PR work to private and public entities as well as government institutions we are making huge strides to building new bridges of trust and understanding to the fractured relationships between the people and its protectors.  Join us in fortifying these bonds at

Why people like Karl Wesner create the “Us vs. Them” mentality in Policing. 


     Coming off a call, elevated heart rate, head spinning and looking for a bite to eat a young officer steps into a local mega chain eatery looking for a bite to eat and a bit of normalcy. On the approach to the counter some 20 something kid with a battle beard earned in hours of Modern Warfare raises his hands and says “ Don’t shoot me”. It’s a situation playing out all over the country to various extents. In the last 12 months there have been 34 denials of service at eateries, 15 receiving considerable public attention but all involving corporate mega chains. A trend that seems to be picking up steam and seems to get its start with the birth of the $15.00 an hour “living wage” movement.


      Nine times out of ten, the officer stops, turns and walks without so much as a word being exchanged. Usually when these incidents flare up it’s due to a civilian patron witnessing it or hearing about it and becoming enraged. Do Corporations have a responsibility to take steps to prevent such incidents? Do they gamble on paying for an ounce of protection to get a pound of cure if something takes place? Is the threat of slipping profits for 1 or 2 quarters enough to show them the light?

     Imagine Johnny, a newly appointed prep cook at a popular burger joint. He, at 24, has little experience outside academia and is easily swayed by his lack of positive interaction with law enforcement and constant pounding of the drums from the anti-cop movement. Halfway through his shift he sees a patrol car pull up and an officer exits the vehicle. He watches as the officer approaches and states “we don’t serve you guys here”. The manager pretends to not hear it as its not worth the headache especially since the officer is leaving and the kid started laughing. Does that make this okay? Does laughing somehow negate the insult?

     For some time incidents like this had been brushed off by the corporate office who rarely if ever would subjugate the franchisee to address with a coupon. Social Media and the birth of a first responder support and advocacy group has started to change that. Had the above scenario taken place but the receiver was Black, Asian, LGBT or Special needs, the corporation would rise up and run to make things right. Damage control plans would be enacted and the media coverage and boycotts would be heavy. Why is it that in our society we are afraid to harm anyone except those that we call when someone offends us.

     Corporations wield more power than anyone in turning the tide in this never ending and steadily increasing war on cops. By establishing corporate policy that politicians won’t dare and make the discrimination of first responders, or any individual because of their occupation, no different than doing so for race, religion or sexual preference. Establishing connections with first responder support organizations such as LESMA and creating a “Liaison program” such as that being developed currently with two corporations due to roll out soon. Creating an environment that is safe and stress free for the officers and first responders and makes them feel at home. While the first responder demographic as a whole is not the largest, it is extremely loyal and frequent visitors of restaurants and fast food establishments. A sound investment that would clearly generate a hefty return to corporate America for its time, dedication and support that would easily offset the costs. As we venture into this new field and territory hand in hand with the first two of hopefully many corporations we want to let those we stand forI know that change is coming. This ship didn’t get off course in an instant and it’s going to take a bit to right.

Corporate Responsibility 


Mid Sunday as families begin to gather for dinner our twentieth hero paid the ultimate price. Another victim in the DOJs nonexistent war on law enforcement. An officer doing his job and senselessly gunned down in an ambush deliberately set in front of his command.While details are still coming in and information still very fluid as often the case in these situations we know one thing. The two thugs apprehended shared several bonds. The bonds of family and fraternity, for they were not just kin but brethren of the BLM.
The recent flare up of thuggery at a recent Chicago, Il Trump rally leaves any decent human with questions, questions as to our country’s direction. It would also be natural for the good people of this nation to draw certain conclusions after an incident like this. 


As the world looks on they see celebratory gun fire outside the convention center, ambulances that have been refused passage and a Trump supporter gunned down for a T-shirt. Witness to officers being assaulted with bottles by protesters, for defending those who are protesting. Rappers and Senators chanting “Fuck Trump and Fuck the police”, calling for the end of our democracy as we know it.

Momentum recently stirring from the Super Bowl madness of an alleged role model/musician celebrating the 50th Anniversary of terror group. The rebirth of terrorists and bombers as teachers and mentors to gullible youth. Scenes reminiscent of George Orwell script and frequently played news clips in third world nations. Our nation of once brave and dedicated people, reduced to a population of emotionally dependent parasites. A generation bleeding our country of the very things that allow them to be that way.

We are in a point in our time when domestic terrorists rally with collage kids searching for free tuition and $15.00 an hour entry level fry guy jobs. The Moveon clowns cheer while the Socialists Jeer all while calling for the end of hatred and stepping on the same flag of the nation the want to support their laziness. Perhaps now is the time to declare them what they are, handle them as such and close this chapter of American history. Terrorist organizations both foreign and domestic have no rights or place in America. Black or white, they should be hunted and destroyed with extreme prejudice, failure to do so will certainly lead to more officers down and more bystanders innocently hurt.

Third world America


Bold printed headlines greet the masses and the embrace the wonders of the new patients running the asylum. Petty crimes from the era of broken windows will soon be no more than a memory of a dynasty long gone. The city center of the world is New York, but with every passing day begins to look more like the city of Gotham of Fox television fame…. A twice caught corrupt city council president leading a council in coordination with a communist Mayor who doesn’t qualify for his own security clearance…. In a few short months the city will begin to thaw and the stench of urine will quickly overpower that of sidewalk vendors pretzels and hotdogs…. It’s not just the mega metropolis that is seeing these twisted stories of alternate realities, cities all over this once great nation are reporting the twisted tales of out of touch socialist/communist leaders…. A nation that once prided itself on integrity, values and principles has instead resorted to playing with the Devil with gasoline in its pockets.
Look no further then major headlines over the last year and you quickly notice how quick we slipped and far we have fallen…. 

-Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers would rather deal with ISIS then police. 

-Councilman Kenneth Stokes of Ward 3 Columbus, Mississippi wants people to throw rocks and bottles at police cars. 

-Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney refuses to call an assassination attempt of an officer a terrorist attack even after the attacker confessed. 

-Mr. Robert Battle of East Chicago City, Illinois is in jail on Federal drug and murder charges but sworn to a second term of city council from his cell…. 
Not surprisingly since these sloths of the political world reside in modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s filled with the senseless and ignorant- a society that honors the memory of its beasts and gathers funds to bury its monsters, pens legislature to remove laws so that their lawless become law abiding, casts weights to its guardians adrift- is a sea of discontent and despair… 
A people who make enemies with its police shall learn to make friends with its enemies and never has this been more true then now. We now appear to be living among a society of sheep who cast out their sheepdogs to make more room to waltz with the wolves; living in a time that looks to punish men for being men, slander those who speak the truth and vilify anyone who stands for justice… 
A nation who disregards its defenders is easily disregarded by history. May the Lord have mercy on our soul.

Sheep slow dancing with Wolves


When the Occupy Movement broke out in 2011 it took little time to find their roots. Blowing through the cavernous streets of Wall Street and the financial district were hundreds if not thousands of fliers bearing its lineage. Hash tags such as “Communist Party USA”, “Black Panthers”, “American Nazi Party”, “Nation of Islam” and even “CAIR” paint a clear picture of its Markism birthright. Chants calling for the end of Capitaliam and equality for all (yet demanding special treatment) while calling for systemic change of our nations Governing system show a dreaded picture but their support by our current Administration shows a nightmarish future.
From Teachers Unions Presidents nation wide to Board of Ed presidents coast to coast, members of affiliation to the above have been taking position of key posts. The fundamental changes of America are taking place. We have sat back and watched the re-write of American history in our children’s textbooks painting America as not such the savior but potential instigator. We have seen class lesson plans change to include lessons celebrating terrorists such as Ceaser Chavez and depict actions such as the bombing of Pearl Harbour as something we may have brought on ourselves. The emergence of common core mathematics in our nations school systems which only work to further confuse children suffering and make those barely passing stricken with anxiety. When tied with our nations “No Child Left Behind” policy and its “Social Promotion” spells doom for our education system.
Taken straight out of Saul Alinsky’s 1971 “Rules for Radicals” is the current Administrations best work so often over looked by the masses. The easiest way to effect the change of Government to to overload its systems. Our current Adminstration has done just that with increased welfare, regulations and taxes. The increase in foreign aid and National debt swelling on the back of future generations currently being indoctrinated like a blood thirsty tick on their backs. With Alinsky’s golden rules of “Never let a tragedy go to waste” and “Ridicule is your best weapon” it’s clear that the bible is not what sits on the nightstand of the White House or homes of key people of the Hill. Now taking the above into account and you can see the current sad state of affairs between Police in America and the hard left. The increased racial tension and the liberal bashing of white heritage and hard push for total appeasement.
Foreign backers to this movement have been well defined and documented but as a whole society refuses to acknowledge. Groups such as Hezbollah, Communist Party of China, Hugo Chavez and the Government of North Korea are just a few of the terrifying names that surface upon the slightest bit of research but most alarming is support from Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei. Now when you look at our National Leader support from people such as Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton the bigger picture becomes a bit clearer. Now I’m not saying that the Administration or key government figures are planning a fundamental change of America as we know it but I am drawing attention to certain verifiable key bits of information. Is it no wonder that under this Administration we have found favor of Cuba, improved relations with Venezuela, made deals and ended embargoes with Iran, supported groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and helped in the formation and supplying of ISIL/ISIS.
Remember that not that long ago there was a small yet vocal population that believed we as a people were better red then dead. A group that potrayed our Military as baby killers and our Police as an oppressive occupying force of the government. Would seem that like most trends, this one has surfaced once more and like times past will only be defeated if we who stand righteous and true stand by and do nothing. Stand strong and steadfast with our brothers and sisters who are sworn to serve both home and abroad for they are truly what stand between our good nation and those attempting to create a nightmare. 


Communist Emergance 


A city torn

Hours before the release of dash cam video of the Chicago PD shooting death of Jaquan McDonald the officer involved was officially charged with Homicide 1 degree. Troublesome as the accusation of this officers allegedly is, it pales in comparison to the other factors in play. 
A review of the video does not clearly define anyone’s actions but does clearly show some actions. It shows the young male running towards the officers and slowing upon further units arriving. It shows a young man holding a knife in his right hand and left hand tucked in his front pocket. It shows a young man walking away from officers and quickly start to pivot when he is shot. An officer is seen firing an apparently excessive amount of shots while the young man was down. We see a young man getting hit while down with little movement.
Now, I personally don’t believe that there was intent but certainly a tragic error that will have to be paid for. A young mans life has been ended and an officer has thrown his career away. Two families lay broken and damaged while a city suffers. But is the biggest travesty the shooting? Is this what everyone should be focusing on?Perhaps it’s merely the vehicle that helps to show us the true crime.
For 13 months this case and it’s both known and unknown information sat on a prosecutors desk. For 13 months as a community angrily but mostly calmly awaited an action. Chicago Rahm Emmanuel of Obama Administration Fame has already sealed the deal on a 5 million dollar settlement for the family. Government contingency plans drafted and awaiting implementation but no call from the prosecutor. Come mid October Cooks County States Attorney Anita Alverez announces her official bid for re-election, a third time but has failed to get party backing. 

An incident like this should have been handled immediately to not only hold and maintain the publics trust but ensure that justice was served. Why was the dash cam video buried and sealed, tied up in red tape? While not a single justifiable answer can be provided there is one that is glaringly obvious…. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s election, coming just a short time after this tragic incident and with loads of promises to find justice faded along with lights at the polling places.
While no one could be wronged for siding with either side of this case or rallying to either call is it possible that society uses this incident to highlight the true problem. It’s time we realize that our biggest common enemy both as civilians and police is the life long and career Politicians who will always use our emotions and tragedies for their own gain and profit.