A city torn

Hours before the release of dash cam video of the Chicago PD shooting death of Jaquan McDonald the officer involved was officially charged with Homicide 1 degree. Troublesome as the accusation of this officers allegedly is, it pales in comparison to the other factors in play. 
A review of the video does not clearly define anyone’s actions but does clearly show some actions. It shows the young male running towards the officers and slowing upon further units arriving. It shows a young man holding a knife in his right hand and left hand tucked in his front pocket. It shows a young man walking away from officers and quickly start to pivot when he is shot. An officer is seen firing an apparently excessive amount of shots while the young man was down. We see a young man getting hit while down with little movement.
Now, I personally don’t believe that there was intent but certainly a tragic error that will have to be paid for. A young mans life has been ended and an officer has thrown his career away. Two families lay broken and damaged while a city suffers. But is the biggest travesty the shooting? Is this what everyone should be focusing on?Perhaps it’s merely the vehicle that helps to show us the true crime.
For 13 months this case and it’s both known and unknown information sat on a prosecutors desk. For 13 months as a community angrily but mostly calmly awaited an action. Chicago Rahm Emmanuel of Obama Administration Fame has already sealed the deal on a 5 million dollar settlement for the family. Government contingency plans drafted and awaiting implementation but no call from the prosecutor. Come mid October Cooks County States Attorney Anita Alverez announces her official bid for re-election, a third time but has failed to get party backing. 

An incident like this should have been handled immediately to not only hold and maintain the publics trust but ensure that justice was served. Why was the dash cam video buried and sealed, tied up in red tape? While not a single justifiable answer can be provided there is one that is glaringly obvious…. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s election, coming just a short time after this tragic incident and with loads of promises to find justice faded along with lights at the polling places.
While no one could be wronged for siding with either side of this case or rallying to either call is it possible that society uses this incident to highlight the true problem. It’s time we realize that our biggest common enemy both as civilians and police is the life long and career Politicians who will always use our emotions and tragedies for their own gain and profit.


The Everyone gets a trophy generation.

The United States of America has gone under a transformation over the course of many generations. Long gone is the “Greatest Generation” who stormed the beaches of Normandy and liberated Europe. Slowly after replaced by Communists and hippies who quickly took up positions in higher education institutions to polute future generations.

As we advanced as a nation we also weakened. The moral decay of this nation clearly evident in every single city from coast to coast. The very fiber of our nation torn and battered. Broken homes and single parent house holds have replaced the white picked fence and 2.8 kids. The graffiti of the 70’s and 80’s once gone has reappeared and the “N” train on 31st street  looks like the opening scene of “Welcome back Kotter”. Images of Detroit could easily be replaced with those from war torn Bosnia and Beruit.

We have seen a nations people transform from those who saw evil and chose to lay their lives down to stop it to a generation that cheers for the execution killing of cops but cries for pediphiles on death row. We have become a people that assumes no responsibility for our own actions and finds fault in everyone else but ourselves. A nations people more interested in give salvation and safety to 100,000 Muslims littered with terrorists but turns a blind eye to our nations 50,000 some odd homeless veterans.

Now we see the greatest accomplishments of the “Trophy Generation”, the BLM movement. What was more then likely born as a positive idea failed at its inception by naming itself in a way that labels one group above all others. Now although they gat angered at the phrase “Blue Lives Matter” and refer to such as racist…. Others are now starting to stand up and call such action hypocritical and ignorant. Yes, the silent majority is starting to stir and will hopefully awaken before it is to late. Waking up and seeing such a group and its predisessors for what they are, home grown terrorist, extortionists and shit stirrers.

Now, this generation has brought with it qualities that I’m sure will do our nation well in coming years. A generation that has no idea what failure is. Not because they struggle and fight and never give up, not because they are steadfast and determined. No, they don’t know failure because they always got a trophy, played sports in a school system that didn’t rank or have been socially promoted their entire way through. A generation that feels an individual that flips burgers is deserving of more money then a soldier that fights for their freedom. A generation that calls for across the board equality but their own special treatment.