On Sunday, September 24th, 2017 two Chicago police officers decided to pose in uniform with a known activist of the BLM in a Unified symbol of hate. While some may say that the Black Power Fist is nothing but a symbol of unity and strength against oppression used by many group across the globe their statement would be self serving and untruthful at best.  

The Black Panthers used it as a show of unity against White Supremacy and the BLA (grown out of the Panthers) used it in their fight against ‘white suppression’ in America. The symbol has even been used over seas by the IRA. It was used by them as a calling card and symbol in the fight of Great Britain’s oppressive rule. But this symbol, the clinched fist, has more in common than signifying rebels and freedom fighters for these groups. It would seem that with this symbol blood is spilt. 

There is no doubting the bloodshed in the streets of Ireland was at the hands of the IRA, but many still deny the use of the symbol here at home as a symbol that directly correlates with bloodshed. It appears that we have become a society afraid to point out the elephant in the room, afraid to call a spade a spade but the truth is… HATE IS HATE!


PO John Frey 10/28/67 Oakland PD

PO Thomas Johnson 01/16/68 Nashville PD

PO Charles Thomasson 01/16/68 Nashville PD

PO Nelson Sasscer 6/05/69 Santa Ana PD

PO John Gilhooly 11/13/69 Chicago PD

PO Frank Rappaport 11/13/69 Chicago PD

Sgt Brian McDonnell 2/18/70 San Francisco PD

PO Donald Sager 4/24/70 Baltimore PD

PO James Sackett 5/22/70 St Paul PD

PO William Miscannon 9/18/70 Toledo PD

PO Harold Hamilton 10/09/70 San Fransisco PD

PO Glenn Smith 10/24/70 Detroit PD

PO Joseph Piagentini 5/21/71 NYPD

PO Waverly Jones 5/21/71 NYPD

Sgt John Young 8/29/71 San Fransisco PD

PO Frank Buczek 9/18/71 Plainfield PD

PO James Greene 11/3/71 Atlanta PD

Lt Ted Elmore 4/27/83 Catawaba Cnty PD*

PO Rocco Laurie 1/27/72 NYPD

PO Gregory Foster 1/27/72 NYPD

Sgt Brent Miller 4/17/72 Louisiana DOC

Cdt Alfred Harrell 12/31/72 New Orleans PD

Sgt Edwin Hosil 3/5/73** New Orleans PD

Dep Super Louis Sirgo 1/7/73 New Orleans PD

PO Philip Coleman 1/7/73 New Orleans PD

PO Paul Persigo 1/7/73 New Orleans PD

Tpr Werner Foerster 5/2/73 NJSP

PO Sidney Thompson 6/5/73 NYCTPD

Ranger Kenneth Patrick 8/5/73 Nat. Park PD

PO John Scarangella 5/1/81 NYPD

Sgt Edward O’Grady 10/20/81 Nyack PD

PO Waverly Brown 10/20/81 Nyack PD

PO Daniel Faulkner 12/9/81 Philadelphia PD

Trp Carlos M. Negron 5/7/84 NJSP

Dep Ricky Kinchen 3/17/00 Fulton Cty SO

*incident 11/11/71

**incident 12/31/72

The recent display of hate by uniformed officers needs to be addressed properly as precedence has already been set. Chief Mike Halstead of Surf City PD was terminated after many years of dedicated and honorable service after writing a post to his officers and residents to be careful of an upcoming BLM protest. He had called their chants and actions terroristic and cautioned all because he felt doing so was his duty. While his words were harsh they were truthful and non vulgar, yet he was terminated and labelled a racist- although the group’s actions proved him time and time again to be absolutely correct.

An NYPD officer was recently labelled a racist for putting out a sidewalk BBQ on a city street. Although BBQing on a public sidewalk is illegal, it is apparently racist if the officer putting out an open flame is white while the participants of said illegal activity are black. A department investigation into his alleged racism will mark his personnel folder for the remainder of his career and this officer was simply doing his job. 
Whether it is a white hood, swastika or black power fist, it still is a symbol of hate to some no matter how much the other side embraces it. With this in mind, one can only hope that the powers that be do the right thing and strip these officers of their badges and terminate them immediately. I mean we wouldn’t want to cast the opinion that we encourage racism in today’s society. 


Just because it’s a symbol of your heroes doesn’t mean it isn’t hate.


2 thoughts on “Just because it’s a symbol of your heroes doesn’t mean it isn’t hate.

  1. Angela McMinn says:

    I have on my own became a cheerleader of law enforcement community after losing my father Chief Andrew Williams EOW 09/03/1976 Saluda Police department Saluda NC. I hate finding myself at cross purposes of any officers but these two I sure am on opposite sides of these two. Mabey this is my take yes that fist is a sign of hate but having looked into the eyes of so many officers these 2 their eyes are different. Without seeing the fist I would recognize the hate in their eye’s not something you usually find in the eyes of my blue Heroes


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