One thing that you learn in law enforcement pretty early is to never trust people.  Now we know that this is against what society teaches and the main reason as to why the LEO community has this “Us vs. Them” mentality. While it’s not the best way to live your life, have you wondered why so many do even long after retirement?  Let’s take a look at what is just the most recent incident that creates this barrier between civilian and LEO relationships.

Karl Wesner (LinkedIn member – ) a Marketing Consultant was recently photographed after cutting off several motorists giving the finger to officers in a funeral procession.  Officers mourning the loss of their brother gunned down execution style in an ambush.  

Had it not been for the motorist taking a picture, the LEO community would have never known.  His actions was of course done as a coward as he knew nobody would leave the procession and a concrete divider separated them.   Now imagine what an individual who’s alone in a car with nobody to impress risks causing a multi-vehicle accident so that he can flip off Police Officers would do if tasked with providing a review of a LEO friendly or owned Corporation.  Having access to the books and entrusted to provide honest reviews and recommendations to the very people he greatly hates.  

We at LESMA look to bridge these divides caused by the vocal minority of society and encourage the quiet majority to speak up and stand with our officers.  We work hard to expose those who go the extra mile to create havoc and reward those who stretch out to fill the gap between cops and civilians.  By offering PR work to private and public entities as well as government institutions we are making huge strides to building new bridges of trust and understanding to the fractured relationships between the people and its protectors.  Join us in fortifying these bonds at


Why people like Karl Wesner create the “Us vs. Them” mentality in Policing. 


4 thoughts on “Why people like Karl Wesner create the “Us vs. Them” mentality in Policing. 

  1. As the police don’t want to be judged in a millisecond of time by one picture or a few seconds of video, let’s become more vigilant about investigating for facts instead of assuming. The fact there was even a funeral procession near that location has already been discredited by locals. So even if there was one and if he was in the other lane how did he know the funeral was coming? Maybe he’s giving the guy in front the finger who wouldn’t let him in and the cop car just happens to be there, maybe the service truck in front of him is from Sears and they screwed him over, could be the traffic jam is from protesters blocking the highway and he blames the police for not making them move because he’s late, or maybe just hates the police who knows. But with so much dis/mis information out there let’s begin by taking a step back and use more critical thinking and respond with known facts not just assumptions. In a time where online vigilantism is on the uptick with doxing and real threats of harm by violent means, even more important to check sources out for the safety of everyone especially Law Enforcement who may find themselves in the middle of that type of a response.


    • A review of the picture shows several key points.
      1st is the vehicles in the right lane on the opposite side of highway are driving single file with headlights on and hazards. Standard for funeral procession or motorcade.
      2nd is the vehicle operator is not just giving a quick finger as the motorist behind him observed the action and then took out phone and snapped picture.
      3rd is that the motorist has his head turned toward the left or the officer if you will and not looking forward at the service van or rear view towards picture taker.
      4th there were several motorcades and it processions that day as over 300 marked police vehicles and countless private and unmarked vehicles made way to the services. That said several individuals came forward and confirmed that this motorcade or procession was in fact there.
      And in closing it is still the actions of the individual that created the situation at hand. While the photo taker certainly could have not posted and the local Pittsburg reporter certainly didn’t need to spread this all over the simple fact is that had he acted civil and not had a moment of road rage or anger there would be no picture and no misunderstanding. His actions are no different then that of the officer caught throwing the finger up at his friend jokingly but caught on film by a motorist and ultimately suspended for doing so.


  2. Yet re: being tagged as the “funeral procession for a fallen Canonsburg Police Officer” you only have two vehicles with their lights on drawing a conclusion it’s a procession not knowing if others have theirs on due to weather or time of day. Identifying which other specifically would be key because you still have several locals like this disputing it: Gary Smith – “Sorry to rain on everyone’s hate parade, but Officer Bashioum’s funeral was in Washington, PA. And he was laid to rest in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville, PA. You can’t get from Washington to Bridgeville by traveling the Parkway West at the top of Greentree Hill, which is where this photo was obviously snapped. Anyone FROM Pittsburgh would have recognized the area immediately. The gold building at the extreme left of the shot is the 102.5FM WDVE radio station at the top of Greentree Hill. Exit 67 is for Rt 121, also known as Greentree Rd. The police vehicle is in the west-bound lane, heading in the direction of Greater Pitt International Airport, and the photo was taken on the east-bound side heading into downtown Pittsburgh. So, while it is indeed a photo of a scumbag disrespecting a police car, it was not taken during Officer Bashioum’s funeral procession.” Also enhanced the photo and because of the headrest couldn’t tell where the person was looking. Could the photo taker have been snapping pictures of a road rage driver and have several on the phone as he cut in front of him and just happened to get one with a police car in it (even if part of an event) when reviewing? Still the only real way to know is identify the motorcade or procession and to find the photographer. In the event someone would have gone after the offending driver and actually done something like attack him, those facts and context would matter legally. More important people from the start have been deleting information that could be important later (actual threats, who did the doxing) so irrespective of true facts, potentially larger issues in any situation like missing initial intel will have no way of knowing existed.


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