Mid Sunday as families begin to gather for dinner our twentieth hero paid the ultimate price. Another victim in the DOJs nonexistent war on law enforcement. An officer doing his job and senselessly gunned down in an ambush deliberately set in front of his command.While details are still coming in and information still very fluid as often the case in these situations we know one thing. The two thugs apprehended shared several bonds. The bonds of family and fraternity, for they were not just kin but brethren of the BLM.
The recent flare up of thuggery at a recent Chicago, Il Trump rally leaves any decent human with questions, questions as to our country’s direction. It would also be natural for the good people of this nation to draw certain conclusions after an incident like this. 


As the world looks on they see celebratory gun fire outside the convention center, ambulances that have been refused passage and a Trump supporter gunned down for a T-shirt. Witness to officers being assaulted with bottles by protesters, for defending those who are protesting. Rappers and Senators chanting “Fuck Trump and Fuck the police”, calling for the end of our democracy as we know it.

Momentum recently stirring from the Super Bowl madness of an alleged role model/musician celebrating the 50th Anniversary of terror group. The rebirth of terrorists and bombers as teachers and mentors to gullible youth. Scenes reminiscent of George Orwell script and frequently played news clips in third world nations. Our nation of once brave and dedicated people, reduced to a population of emotionally dependent parasites. A generation bleeding our country of the very things that allow them to be that way.

We are in a point in our time when domestic terrorists rally with collage kids searching for free tuition and $15.00 an hour entry level fry guy jobs. The Moveon clowns cheer while the Socialists Jeer all while calling for the end of hatred and stepping on the same flag of the nation the want to support their laziness. Perhaps now is the time to declare them what they are, handle them as such and close this chapter of American history. Terrorist organizations both foreign and domestic have no rights or place in America. Black or white, they should be hunted and destroyed with extreme prejudice, failure to do so will certainly lead to more officers down and more bystanders innocently hurt.


Third world America