Bold printed headlines greet the masses and the embrace the wonders of the new patients running the asylum. Petty crimes from the era of broken windows will soon be no more than a memory of a dynasty long gone. The city center of the world is New York, but with every passing day begins to look more like the city of Gotham of Fox television fame…. A twice caught corrupt city council president leading a council in coordination with a communist Mayor who doesn’t qualify for his own security clearance…. In a few short months the city will begin to thaw and the stench of urine will quickly overpower that of sidewalk vendors pretzels and hotdogs…. It’s not just the mega metropolis that is seeing these twisted stories of alternate realities, cities all over this once great nation are reporting the twisted tales of out of touch socialist/communist leaders…. A nation that once prided itself on integrity, values and principles has instead resorted to playing with the Devil with gasoline in its pockets.
Look no further then major headlines over the last year and you quickly notice how quick we slipped and far we have fallen…. 

-Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers would rather deal with ISIS then police. 

-Councilman Kenneth Stokes of Ward 3 Columbus, Mississippi wants people to throw rocks and bottles at police cars. 

-Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney refuses to call an assassination attempt of an officer a terrorist attack even after the attacker confessed. 

-Mr. Robert Battle of East Chicago City, Illinois is in jail on Federal drug and murder charges but sworn to a second term of city council from his cell…. 
Not surprisingly since these sloths of the political world reside in modern day Sodom and Gomorrah’s filled with the senseless and ignorant- a society that honors the memory of its beasts and gathers funds to bury its monsters, pens legislature to remove laws so that their lawless become law abiding, casts weights to its guardians adrift- is a sea of discontent and despair… 
A people who make enemies with its police shall learn to make friends with its enemies and never has this been more true then now. We now appear to be living among a society of sheep who cast out their sheepdogs to make more room to waltz with the wolves; living in a time that looks to punish men for being men, slander those who speak the truth and vilify anyone who stands for justice… 
A nation who disregards its defenders is easily disregarded by history. May the Lord have mercy on our soul.


Sheep slow dancing with Wolves


One thought on “Sheep slow dancing with Wolves

  1. Ken Dye says:

    Hi David: Great post. it’s a damn shame that shitheads like this are making policy decisions for LEO’s/PD’s. I just read something that a bunch of chief’s got together in DC to discuss “kinder and gentler” policing. All the BS in Ferguson and Balt would have come to a screeching halt if the cops had been left to do their job’s…but no, the jag politicians had to jump in there and get a bunch of face time in front of a TV camera and pontificate about police behaving badly. Fortunately these assholes politicial careers are now defunct.

    Thanks for letting me vent…god help us and protect us from elected IDIOTS!!

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