When the Occupy Movement broke out in 2011 it took little time to find their roots. Blowing through the cavernous streets of Wall Street and the financial district were hundreds if not thousands of fliers bearing its lineage. Hash tags such as “Communist Party USA”, “Black Panthers”, “American Nazi Party”, “Nation of Islam” and even “CAIR” paint a clear picture of its Markism birthright. Chants calling for the end of Capitaliam and equality for all (yet demanding special treatment) while calling for systemic change of our nations Governing system show a dreaded picture but their support by our current Administration shows a nightmarish future.
From Teachers Unions Presidents nation wide to Board of Ed presidents coast to coast, members of affiliation to the above have been taking position of key posts. The fundamental changes of America are taking place. We have sat back and watched the re-write of American history in our children’s textbooks painting America as not such the savior but potential instigator. We have seen class lesson plans change to include lessons celebrating terrorists such as Ceaser Chavez and depict actions such as the bombing of Pearl Harbour as something we may have brought on ourselves. The emergence of common core mathematics in our nations school systems which only work to further confuse children suffering and make those barely passing stricken with anxiety. When tied with our nations “No Child Left Behind” policy and its “Social Promotion” spells doom for our education system.
Taken straight out of Saul Alinsky’s 1971 “Rules for Radicals” is the current Administrations best work so often over looked by the masses. The easiest way to effect the change of Government to to overload its systems. Our current Adminstration has done just that with increased welfare, regulations and taxes. The increase in foreign aid and National debt swelling on the back of future generations currently being indoctrinated like a blood thirsty tick on their backs. With Alinsky’s golden rules of “Never let a tragedy go to waste” and “Ridicule is your best weapon” it’s clear that the bible is not what sits on the nightstand of the White House or homes of key people of the Hill. Now taking the above into account and you can see the current sad state of affairs between Police in America and the hard left. The increased racial tension and the liberal bashing of white heritage and hard push for total appeasement.
Foreign backers to this movement have been well defined and documented but as a whole society refuses to acknowledge. Groups such as Hezbollah, Communist Party of China, Hugo Chavez and the Government of North Korea are just a few of the terrifying names that surface upon the slightest bit of research but most alarming is support from Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei. Now when you look at our National Leader support from people such as Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton the bigger picture becomes a bit clearer. Now I’m not saying that the Administration or key government figures are planning a fundamental change of America as we know it but I am drawing attention to certain verifiable key bits of information. Is it no wonder that under this Administration we have found favor of Cuba, improved relations with Venezuela, made deals and ended embargoes with Iran, supported groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and helped in the formation and supplying of ISIL/ISIS.
Remember that not that long ago there was a small yet vocal population that believed we as a people were better red then dead. A group that potrayed our Military as baby killers and our Police as an oppressive occupying force of the government. Would seem that like most trends, this one has surfaced once more and like times past will only be defeated if we who stand righteous and true stand by and do nothing. Stand strong and steadfast with our brothers and sisters who are sworn to serve both home and abroad for they are truly what stand between our good nation and those attempting to create a nightmare. 



Communist Emergance 


2 thoughts on “Communist Emergance 

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  2. beau singleton says:

    excellent commentary, I’m hoping we can deal with this sooner rather than later. The stand needs to be now and no sooner than yesterday


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